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10 Seater Minibus Hire London And 12 Seat Minibus Hire

10 12 Seat London Minibus Hire

If you need a minibus that caters not only for tours but also Hen and Stud parties as well, then our fleet of minibus is here to provide you with all your needs and more. We have competitive prices that you would surely love and a minibus interior that will give you and your companions the comfort and luxury while on the road.

At Coach Hire London, we offer 10-seater minibus and 12-seater minibus hire London with professional and skilled drivers to guarantee that you are provided with all your travel necessities. We are a proud private minibus hire company that focuses greatly on providing only the best and the highest quality transit service and ultimate customer satisfaction. We aim to do everything possible that we can and to go past your anticipations.

All of our mini busses are ready for party transportation and special occasions. Each one is fully equipped with the latest entertainment system and luxury interior design. We have installed some of the best and modern desirable features to make your travel full of fun and enthusiasm. This includes a carpeted interior flooring, fully or partially soft leather covered reclining seats, DVD screens and players, and air conditioning. Each one is also equipped with safety seat belts, tinted windows, and curtains for added sun shade comfort.

For an extra luxury feel on the ride, we also have mini busses that have a fridge, Wi-Fi access, device power plugs and an overhead heater. This way we can ensure all of our passengers and you that you will remain socially connected with friends and family back home even if you are on the road.

We also installed other amenities for added ease while traveling such as water closet, spacious storage for gears and luggage, specialized compartments for delicate bags, and reading lamps. This is perfect for long distance travels and if you have to bring things that are too fragile like party gifts and sports gears.

While you enjoy the ride, we will take care of getting you from point A to point B. With our professional drivers, rest assured that you will get through even the busiest roads without noticing it. We will handle all your needs and our friendly staff is ready and capable of providing you of your demands.

For more information, contact us and provide our staff of your travel details so that we can arrange everything for you. We only need that you make the booking a few days before the travel so that we can guarantee the perfect minibus to fit your needs so that you can just sit back and relax on your trip while we handle the rest for you.

With Coach Hire London, you will be guaranteed of only the best type of service at the most affordable prices.

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